Refreshed Website

It's about time...

It is true. I've taken my sweet time to choose a new website/blog design this year. I opted for the simplicity of Squarespace.  It feels very fluid and flexible. I still need to re-connect my social media links later this week. As you may know, Social Networks are not a priority to me.  If I could navigate back to a 1994 version of the internet, I would be content. I love the idea of having to get out of the house to connect to the world. #OldFashioned Thank you E.M. Forster

Here are few items to expect proper blog posts:

  • I am currently shooting some product for a Special Edition of 76092 Magazine. The last issue I shot featuring a tour of Coffee Shops in Southlake/Keller was lovely. I will back date a blog about that as well.
  • I have signed on to an amazing opportunity to fundraise for brain cancer. I look forward to blogging more about that in the coming months.
  • My nephew is writing music and has asked me to mentor him.
  • The creative writing project is gaining traction.
  • Software. Yes, there might be software coming.
  • The podcast... the source of so much indecision.
  • I bought a ukelele. And it is magnificent. I cannot wait to share that with you.
  • So much going on... I believe in the power of naps!



Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold...
— Bob Marley