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Creative, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Musician, Filmmaker and Philanthropist - a good egg.

about my services

I am currently available for high end portraiture, professional head shots as well as fashion & editorial photography.

Mentor & Muse

    I am here to relay the truth to you.  Everyone is Amazing!  Somehow in this frenzied existence fueled by limbic response and cortisol overdose, it is still possible to affix our gaze upon the beauty within and the beauty that surrounds all of us.  The universe is full of endless possibilities.  Positive, Negative […]

Mary Miyavi 2.0

chock full and bursting at the seams

Sometimes you are just too filled with life to take note.  That is how I’ve felt the past week.  I know it is not true.  I’ve had plenty of “down time” where I could have written some of the choice nuggets that have been traipsing through my mind the past 3 weeks.  But honestly, sometimes […]

it comes in equal waves – the lesson

Change is always fascinating.  When we break through our blocks and reach a new level, it seems that there is a natural buzz that can be exhilarating.  But, like clockwork, eventually, the buzz wears off and we find ourselves facing yet another wave of negativity that challenges our capacity to maintain our new plateau.  Many […]

I’ve Been Going Full Throttle & No New Posts

I feel I have been losing traction on posting regularly now that my new website is a “fully operational battle station.” The journey over 1,400 miles across the greater southwest to LA was epic. It deserves a proper post itself. Then before I could even get settled there was the Workshop in Seattle with Sue […]